Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Plant Nutrient Requirements

Best soil for growing spinach

Choosing the best possible soil to grow your spinach will guarantee an improvement in the flavour and quality of your crop. The soil that you choose to grow your spinach in requires a specific pH range and has to be rich in macronutrients. The most important of which is nitrogen.


Optimum soil conditions for spinach

Soil type: Loamy or sandy loam

pH range: 6.2 to 6.9

Nutrients: high nitrogen levels required


Soil pH range for spinach

Maintaining the correct pH range is vital in growing tasty spinach plants. It is very important to keep the pH within the 6.2 – 6.9 range. Any more acidic or alkaline will result in your plants growing ineffectively. It is known that spinach is very sensitive in acidic soils.


Soil nutrients for growing spinach

Spinach requires a very high level of nitrogen to grow successfully. To obtain high nitrogen content in your soil, a high nitrogen fertilizer may be added to the soil before seeding. Nitrogen makes for a rich tasting and dark green spinach. If the spinach leaves are becoming brown or yellow, this may be a sign of nutrient deficiency.


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